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Fun fact about Molang

Fun fact about Molang
Do you know Molang well? And you want to know Molang better?
Here some fun facts about Molang 💖

1. Loves to eat sweets

Who doesn't love to eat sweets? Molang is a big foodie for sweetness and delicious pastries or candies💕

2. Loves to cosplay

Like almost every animes fans, Molang loves to cosplay. Molang likes to cosplay as a caracters from Attack On Titan 💓

3. Loves to help

Kind as ever, Molang loves to help people everytime they can 💝

4. Loves to dance

Dance ! Dance ! Dance ! Molang loves to party with Piu Piu, the best moment to spend with a friend 💞

5. Molang is clumsy

Of course Molang is not perfect and can be a little clumsy sometimes but this is how we love Molang 💗

 Molang cares for everyone and everything.
Everybody loves Molang. Molang loves everybody.

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