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🏆 Enjoy our latest Molang best sellers 🏆 🏆 Enjoy our latest Molang best sellers 🏆

Our loyalty program

To reward your loyalty

We want to thank you Pinco for shopping at Molang and for your constant love over the years! Now, each time you Sign up or purchase, you can collect points and earn discounts!

We made this program just for you and to thank you for the loyalty and commitment to our brand

How does it work?

This is so simple!
Collect "Hugs❤︎" (our version of "points") thanks to your actions and turn those Hugs ❤︎ into awesome rewards!

The first step is to enter your email address to see and manage all of your rewards.

How to earn more Hugs ❤︎ (points):
  • Follow molang on Instagram: you earn 50 Hugs ❤︎
  • Celebrate your birthday: you earn 200 Hugs ❤︎
  • 5 Hugs ❤︎ for 1€ spent on an order on Molang.com
  • Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase:
    • They get 4€ off coupon
    • You get 4€ off coupon

How to spend hugs ❤︎ : 
  • 100 Hugs ❤︎ = 1€ off to use on future orders 


Where to click :
Just click on this button located at the bottom left of the page for both mobile and desktop version. 
molang loyalty programmolang tap here

Thank you so much Pinco for your loyalty! ❤
Molang cares for everyone and everything.
Everybody loves Molang. Molang loves everybody.