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In order to provide you with the best possible experience on our website http://www.molang.com (the “Site”), Millimages (“Millimages”, “we”, “us”, “our”) may have to collect and process some of your personal information (the “Personal Data”) when you access, visit and browse the Site.

We believe that being transparent about our privacy policy and about our processing of your Personal Data in order for all the users to understand that the collection of such data is crucial to the quality of our services.


Please note that some of the data we collect does not in any way allow your identification (the “Non Personal Data”). It might be information in relation to the device on which you access the Site, the operating system or platform you use, or in relation to the various interactions with the Site.

On the contrary, the data we call Personal Data are in direct relation to your identity.


For the sake of security and protection, we assure you that all the data you provide, whether personal or non-personal, will be handled with care and diligence.


As “Data Controller”, as defined in the European Regulation no 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016, called General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), we attach a great importance to ensuring that each user, from the simple visitor to the regular customer, knows, understands and accepts the Millimages Personal Data processing policy, and in particular:


  1. Under what circumstances is Millimages likely to collect your Personal Data?
  2. How will Millimages use your Personal Data?
  3. Who will have access to your Personal Data?
  4. What are your rights?
  5. How does Millimages ensure the security of your Personal Data?




Article 1. Collection of your Personal Data


  1. Creation of a personal account 

While browsing the Site, you will be invited to create a user account (the “User Account”). the creation of a User Account is not mandatory to use the Site.

However, if you chose to create a User Account, you will be asked to provide the following information: First Name, Surname, Email Address, Password.


  1. Placement of an order

When placing an order on the Site, we will require you to provide us with the Personal Data necessary for the proper delivery of your order: First Name, Surname, Email Address, Billing Address, Delivery Address, Phone Number (optional).


For the payment of your order, based on your choice you will be redirected to a secure online payment system (we are using “Stripe”(r)) or to Paypal (each a “Payment Service”). 

Please be aware that they are independent Payment Services and that in no event will Millimages receive your banking information. All the information provided for the payment of your order will be processed directly by the Payment Service. Therefore, they will apply their own privacy policy in relation to the protection of your data and we invite you to consult the said personal policy before making your payment.


  1. Collection of coded and anonymous data

Millimages also informs you that it uses cookies on the Site (hereinafter "Cookies"). For more information on how these "Cookies" work, please go here.


Article 2. Use of your Personal Data


  1. User account and orders

The processing of your Personal Data is necessary for the management of your User Account and the processing of your orders. When you give us such information in order to create your User Account or to place an order, we presume that you give us consent to our use of your Personal Data for those purposes. However, unless we have received your explicit consent, we will not use the said Personal Data for any other purpose.


  1. Newsletters and commercial offers 

If you have given your explicit  consent, Millimages may use your Personal Data newsletters in order to provide you with the latest trends, news, promotions, advantages and commercial offers. 

In this case, some of your Personal Data (your email address) and some Non-Personal Data collected via Cookies.


We insist on the fact that (1) without your consent no newsletter or offer of any kind can be communicated to you and (2) that you can withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing from our newsletter.


  1. Process development and improvement 

In order to identify potential failures in the features offered and to best adapt its range of products to your needs and expectations, Millimages might carry out statistical research on all of your Non-Personal Data. Millimages undertakes not to produce any report that may include identifiable and/or individualized Personal Data.


  1. Communication and marketing campaigns (Non-Personal Data)

It is important for use to be able to communicate, interact and exchange directly with you on all of our social networks. To do so, we need to use certain information or statistics resulting from the collection of data on the Website, it being understood that none of your identifiable Personal Data will ever be communicated without your prior consent.


  1. Processing of complaints

If you contact us for assistance following the use of our Site, we will use some of your Personal Data in order to be able to contact you and provide you with adequate assistance.


  1. Prevention against fraud and theft

Finally, in order to protect itself against cases of fraud, scams, theft or any criminal activity, Millimages may be required to use your Personal Data, in particular those entered in your personal account, and/or the Non-Personal Data collected via Cookies, in order to protect itself and/or its subsidiaries and partners.


Article 3. Access to your Personal Data


3.1. Millimages is solely responsible for the security of your Personal Data collected from the Site. However, your Personal Data may be used or consulted by different partners:


  • service providers responsible for the operation and hosting of the Website,
  • service providers responsible for preparing the order, shipping and transporting the products ordered as well as,
  • the Payment Services.


We hereby guarantee that the security of your Personal Data is protected. Each service provider is required to respect the confidentiality of your Personal Data under the same conditions as those established by this confidentiality policy. They may under no circumstances use this Personal Data for a purpose other than that of carrying out the task for which they were assigned.


3.2. Our Site is operated and hosted by Shopify Inc. They provide the e-commerce platform on which we present our products and services. Your Data is is stored on their storage system on a secured server protected by a firewall.


Article 4. User rights


  1. We insist on the fact that the processing of your Personal Data cannot take place without your express consent.

Each collection of your Personal Data will be subject to a request for prior authorization from you. You are free to object, without any justification, to our processing of your Personal Data.


  1. You can also exercise your rights of access, withdrawal, modification and objection at any time. All you need to do is to send us a request to this effect, accompanied by a copy of your identity document to the following email address: hello@molang.com.


  1. In any case, and in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, we undertake to keep your Personal Data only for the time necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

Article 5. Security of your Personal Data


  1. The security of your Personal Data is our absolute priority. For this reason, we undertake to take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data. WE guarantee the physical security of our premises as well as the implementation of reliable limitations and authentication measures for the persons authorized to process the Personal Data.


  1. Access to your personal account will be protected by a password. You are responsible for keeping this password confidential and not sharing it with anyone. It is recommended that you change your passwords regularly to prevent any risk.


  1. Nevertheless, we cannot control all of the risks inherent in the transmission of information over the Internet. Despite our best efforts to protect your Personal Data, we want to draw your attention to the existence of possible risks inherent to the use of the Internet.



  1. This Confidentiality Policy is accessible directly from the Site and constitutes the one and only version that can be enforced to date. We might need to modify this privacy policy from time to time, it being understood however that no reduction in your rights and protections can be applied without your prior consent.


  1. For any question, request or complaint concerning the processing of your Personal Data, you can write to us at the following address: hello@molang.com.