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About Molang

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Born out of the encounter of two women with very different universes, Molang and Piu Piu started life in 2010 as doodles by Hye Ji Yoon, a young and talented Korean illustrator. French author and director Marie-Caroline Villand felt in love with the two adorable characters, and started to devellop their personnalities, values, universe and stories. The TV series that she created is now a worldwide hit, with over 300 episodes broadcasted in 194 countries. Molang is also a viral sensation, with over 20 Billion views on GIPHY and 6 million social media followers, and a lifestyle brand with a successful consumer products program, supported by our molang.com e-shop and 15 international licensing and merchandising agents.




Kind and affectionate MOLANG has a unique, instantly recognizable style. Molang is all about empathy, softness, tenderness and joy. MOLANG has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral. MOLANG cares for everyone and everything. Everybody loves MOLANG. MOLANG loves everybody.



Molang goes through everything in life with a smile and a positive attitude, always surrounded by good friends and good vibes. Living harmoniously together in their pastel world, Molang, Piu Piu and the Pincos take life day by day. Piu Piu is Molang's best friend and side-kick, who sometimes needs help seeing the bright side of life. The Pincos are Molang's friends and they all speak Molanguese (it is, in fact, a real lauguage!)