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About Molang

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The coolest kawaii bunny around, MOLANG was born in Seoul in 2010. South Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon doodled MOLANG and PIU PIU on her school notebooks before deciding to turn the characters into super-cute emoticons online.
Four years later, a chance encounter between Hye-Ji and French animation studio Millimages resulted in a cross-cultural love affair for the undeniably cuddly bunny.
The studio couldn’t resist but pair Molang with the adorable chick Piu Piu, unknowingly creating a match made in heaven.
A few sketches and a lot of animation later, MOLANG’s pastel world came to life.
The animated tv series became an overnight hit - broadcasted in over 190 territories - thanks to its universal language of good vibes.
From a schoolgirl’s notebook to the rest of the world, MOLANG conquered the hearts of kiddos, cool moms, and even Gen Zers. A true mood booster, MOLANG is all about feeling and doing good. And now, Molang’s Pinco family is growing - spreading friendship, happiness, empathy and positivity everywhere it goes.




Molang is that warm, fuzzy feeling inside you get from being around your closest friends. Molang is the soft, pillowy touch and sweet taste of a marshmallow. Molang is that one person in your life who never fails to make you smile. Living by the values of Friendship, Happiness, Empathy and Positivity, Molang and best friend Piu Piu are all about positive vibes - a constant reminder that the small things in life can make all the difference.



Molang is a rabbit. Not a hamster, not a mozzarella... a rabbit. With two ears, two pink cheeks and a super cuddly body. It's no surprise that Molang won the high school superlative for "Most fun to be around". Molang goes through everything in life with a smile and a positive attitude, always surrounded by good friends and good vibes.

You know that one moody friend who can go from happy to mad in 0 to 60? That's Piu Piu. The adorable chick (yes, Piu Piu is a baby chicken) has a hot temper, but is usually calmed down just as quickly as it got upset. Piu Piu is Molang's best friend, always by Molang's side. But don't be fooled by Piu Piu's tiny size - Piu Piu doesn't hesitate to act when it comes to helping fellow pincos out.

The Pincos are your ride or die squad - the friends that you send memes to on the group chat and that know every detail of your life. They're the friends you can always count on and that are always up for any adventure. They accept you for who you are, and don't have any judgements - they're just here to have a good time.

So, what do all these little cuddly creatures have in common? They're all gender neutral, ageless, and they all speak Molangese (it is, in fact, a real launguage). Living harmoniously together in their pastel world, Molang, Piu Piu and the Pincos take life day by day. Be it while chilling at the Chateau de Versailles or while helping a baby tiger find its mom, they're always up for a new adventure.

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