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Molang Tips to avoid stress

Molang Tips to avoid stress
There are emotional and behavioral effects of stress that can make it difficult to perform your daily routine. So here some tips by Molang to avoir stress.

1. Take care of yourself 

Eat well, sleep well and exercice are one of the answers to not be stressed. 
Like Molang and Piu Piu they love to exercice! 🔥

molang and piu piu exercice

2. Let's meet with people
Spending quality time with the one you love the most like friends or family are the best way to not feel stress during hard time. 

Molang loves to watch movies with Piu Piu 💕

molang and piu piu movies

3. Take break

It's seem difficult nowadays but take a break from social media or any device will reduce your stress and tiredness. For example with work, stop obessing over work and take better care of yourself.

Like Molang and Piu Piu, let's take some time together without social media💖

molang 2023

4. Eat good foods

Eat healthy food, foods that make you happy. Don't forget that the food you eat has a direct impact on your mood. Make sure you have your daily dose of nutrient food to nurish your body and don't forget to enjoy some sugar treat from time to time

Molang love to eat pancakes 🥞
molang phone

5. Ask for help when you need it

Whenever you feel drained with hard time or have some difficulty doing something, feel free to ask for help from other. You are not alone ! 💗 

Molang and Piu Piu love to help people!

molang and piu piu lifeguard

Molang cares for everyone and everything.
Everybody loves Molang. Molang loves everybody.

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