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Correction Molanguese Test 2022 Answers

Correction Molanguese Test 2022 Answers

On June 23rd you have submitted a Molanguese test! ✨
Thank you for your participation and well done everyone!

Reminder if you got over 50% you must have received by email: 

- a Molanguese Diploma
- a promo code to buy anything you want on molang.com!

Find here the correction of this first ever Molanguese test 📝


TEST: Translate in English 
- What does "Kalaboo?" mean?: Are you sure?
- What does "Boom boom tacatac" mean?: Rain
- What does "Bon doodoo" mean?: Goodnight
- What does "Kanikoola" means?: Vacation
- What does "Pik pik" means?: Pine tree
- What does "Daboo dabi" means?: They are crazy
- What does "Mi loobi ludo para pincos" mean?: I love/like playing with friends
- What does "Doma maximo gragrapoot" mean?: The house is very dirty
- What does "Kapati zaboo?" mean?: Where is the sun?
🎀Translate in Molanguese:
- How do you say "Look!" in molanguese?: Specti!
- How do you say "Let's go!" in molanguese?: Tiki Okapoo!
- How do you say "Phone" in molanguese?: Celi Celo
- How do you say "Please" in molanguese?: Choubi
- How do you say "Party" in molanguese?: Boom Boom Shoobidoowa
- How do you say "Costume" in molanguese?: Vesto
- How do you say "I have an idea!" in molanguese?: Kotedadaki
- How do you say "Piu Piu eats an ice cream" in molanguese?: Piu Piu pico pica booboolina
- How do you say "Playing with sand isn't good" in molanguese?: Ludo para sabolo norabono 
Thank you for your paticipation! And see you next time for more molanguese content 🌸
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