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Molang Soft Lamp

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La lampe molle Molang que tout le monde attendait est enfin de retour !

Forme originale !

Matériau super doux ☁

Lumière LED multicolore 🌈

Nouveau design et nouvelles fonctionnalités : vous pouvez changer la couleur de la lampe molle Molang comme vous le souhaitez !

Créez une énergie cocooning ou adoucissez votre pièce avec cette lampe apaisante.

Caractéristiques :

Mesure : 160mm x 190mm

Puissance : 1W

Tension / Courant d’entrée : 5V ___ 1000mA

Capacité de la batterie : 1200mAh

Matériaux : Silicone , ABS

Accessoire : Cable USB Type-C

Fonction : Lampe, veilleuse

Interrupteur d’alimentation

Port de charge Type-C

8pcs de lumière LED intégrées


The Molang Soft Lamp everyone was waiting for has finally returned !

Original shape ✨

Super soft material ☁

Multicolor LED light feature 🌈

New design and new features: you can change the Molang Soft Lamp's color as you wish!

Create a cocooning energy or soften your room with this soothing lamp


Characteristics :

Size : 160mm x 190 mm

Power : 1W

Input voltage/current: 5V ___ 1000mA

Battery capacity : 1200mAh
Materials : Silicone , ABS
Accessory: USB Type-C cable

Power switch
Type-C charging port
8pcs built-in LED light

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Obsessed with this !!!

I really really love this soft lamp! It’s so so cute and looks exactly like Molang! I love the fact that it’s soft and made of silicone rather than a hard material! This gives it a soft and cute appearance and you can also squish it a bit! I like that you can turn it on and off just by tapping it, makes it easy to operate. I love the different colors, the glow of the light is soft and warm, perfect for setting a nice relaxing mood! I also like that you have the option to choose which color you want the lamp to stay on or you can put it on a multicolor mode where it keeps gradually changing color on its own! To the Molang Team: please also consider making a PiuPiu soft lamp! I would totally get it!

So cute!!

I can't believe that cute little Molang found his way to my house!! The light is so very pretty and the other colors make it very suitable for children!
It's really so soft and squishy!! DEFINITELY A GOOD BUY!!

The Shiniest Rabbit

So cute, so squishy, so happy--just like Molang! Lil' buddy came all the way from France just to watch over us at night. The lamp is softer than expected and is even more colorful in person. Very happy with this gift! Boyfriend approves of his new little roommate. :D

Lee Minji
So cute !

배송이나 포장 문제없이 잘 받았습니다.
기본색이 따뜻하고 은은하니 예뻐서 인테리어하기 좋아요 :) 램프 상자에서 꺼내는데 정말 말그대로 몰랑몰랑거려서 놀랐어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 오래 잘 쓸 것 같습니다 :)
I received it well. The basic color is warm and subtle, and it's pretty so it's good to interior. I was surprised that it was really soft when I took it out of the lamp box.
I think I'll use it well for a long time :)

its so ADORABLE!

Okay I am really pleased with this mood lamp of MOLANG. Its cute and exactly as the picture. The amount of light is also perfect with easy to follow instruction by tapping the lamp. Worth purchasing!





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