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Let's learn some Molanguese!

Let's learn some Molanguese!
Hey Pinco !
It's class time! Let's learn some Molanguese with Molang and Piu Piu. 

Are you ready ? 💖

1. Booboolina
Booboolina means "ice cream". Like everyone, Molang and Piu Piu love to eat Ice cream! Which flavor is your favorite?! 🍦

molanguese piu piu

2. Veti gardina
Veti gardina means "do some gardening". Spring is here, so this is the perfect time to do some gardening! Molang and Piu Piu love to spend time together while doing some gardening 🍀

molang and piu piu garden

3. Flora
Flora means "flower". Everyone loves flowers, their shape, their colors and their symbolic. Molang is no exception and loves flowers very much 🌻

molang flower

4. Bada
Bada means "fruit". There are a lot of fruits in this world, which one is your ultimate favorites? Molang loves lemons 🍋

molang fruit

5. Pico
Pico means "bee". Bees are very important for us. They have a very important role in the biodiversity. They have a key role on the survival of many species. They also provide high quality food like honey, royal jelly and pollen, as well as other products such as beeswax, propolis and honey bee venom. 🍯

molang bee

6. Bonadana
Bonadana means "enjoy your meal". Like everyone, Molang loves to eat. What is your favorite meal? 🍎

molang apple

7. Calami
Calami means "heart". Molang has a big heart 💖

molang heart

8. Katimini
Katimini means "cheers". Let's cheer up everyone! Let's have fun 🌞

molang cocktails

9. Zim boum boum
Zim boum boum means "dance". Piu Piu loves dancing during beautiful days ✨

piu piu dance

10. Keni
Keni means "nice". Let's be like Molang and Piu Piu and be nice to everyone. Kindness is all about positive vibes. 💛

molang and piu piu happy

Molang cares for everyone and everything.
Everybody loves Molang. Molang loves everybody.

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